Boot Camp & CW Conference

The next Essex CW Bootcamp will take place on Saturday 22nd October 2022. It will be held again at the 3rd Witham Scout and Guide HQ (address at bottom of page) .

if you are interested in attending and have not registered with our database please contact myself at and we will add you to our database to contact when registrations will be taken.

Spaces are limited and will be allocated on a first come first serve basis, once the forms go out please respond quickly to avoid disappointment.


Although Covid measures have now been removed we would ask if anyone is displaying any Covid symptoms or have had a positive test they DO NOT attend. Full refunds will be given in these cases.

we will still have hand sanitiser available and people will obviously be able to wear masks should they feel it appropriate.

The doors open at 08:30 for registration. The meetings begin at 09:00 please be sure to arrive in plenty of time to register. The day finishes at approximately 16:30. To secure your place at Boot Camp will require a non-refundable payment of £10 (once registration commences)

If you are new to Boot Camp, here’s a video about our 2017 event. (video courtesy of Essex Ham)

Your main decision is the group you want to work with.

We have four tables:
– Up to 10 wpm
– 10 to 20 wpm x2
– 20+ wpm

Within each group, the aim is to show you how to progress to the top of that group. Note that at times all groups are combined for a number of talks and group Morse activities. If you feel your group is too fast, too slow or you just fancy a change, you are free (and encouraged) to move table at any time during the day.

This is quite an intensive day. If you become tired or don’t want to do a particular activity, you can opt out. Have a coffee, operate the live station, supervised or not supervised as you wish. We will also have the fun and very popular High Speed Morse Contest. There will also be someone to talk to about setting up your Morse station and operating techniques.

Finally, what to bring? All of the following:
1. Morse key with 3.5 mm jack or a suitable 3.5/6.0 mm adaptor
2. Headphones, same jack requirements.
3. Writing pad and pencil/pen
4. Name badge with callsign (if you have one)
5. Plastic cups will be available. If you prefer something more solid, please bring your own mug.

We will provide coffee, tea and snacks. Bear in mind we are only taking a 30-minute lunch break.

This is going to be a very enjoyable and rewarding day. You will be able to put faces to names and call signs and meet new fellow-enthusiasts. But, most importantly, you will have a clear picture of your Morse strengths and weaknesses and know how to fix and exploit those to improve your operating speed and technique.

You will also be able to obtain information and answers about things that puzzle you: should I use a paddle key? What are all those different types for? How do I set up my straight key? What is the correct procedure for contesting? Which is the best Morse software? And many more.

The venue address is:
3rd Witham Scout & Guide HQ
Rear of Spring Lodge Community Centre
Powers Hall End
Essex CM8 2HE.

Click here to see the venue on Google Maps.