CW Memorial Trophy

This trophy is awarded to the club member who has either excelled in learning Morse or who has we feel pushed the cause of Morse forward consistently during the year.

Current Holder Of the CW Memorial Trophy

2022 – Steve G4ZUL

ECWARC Memorial Key. Presented to Steve G4ZUL (on right) by Dean G4WQI For his contribution to CW as a Founder Member of Essex CW ARC.

Previous winners of the CW Memorial Trophy

2020 – Les G4JDS

2019 – Nigel M0ICH

2018 – Tony 2E0FTQ

2017 – Henry M6XHK

2016 – Huw 2E0HTL

2015 – Rob M0KCP

2014 – Michael 2E0GUI

2013 – Paul M0PHO

2012 – Jeff G7TAT

2011 – Colin M1OCN