Essex CW Bootcamp 2022

The 2022 Bootcamp was held on 22nd October 2022. On a very nice Autumn day, although the weather really was not on the participants minds, they were all hard at work inside the hall in Witham, Essex expanding their knowledge on all things Morse.

With 22 participants spread over 4 tables of various speeds, everyone from beginner to seasoned expert were hopefully pushed to improve their skills and to expand their knowledge with tips and practice.

Essex CW has now run a number of these Bootcamps and under a relaxed and friendly atmosphere people are encouraged to exceed the level of competence they felt they had already achieved. we have people just starting out in Morse so they have a rudimentary idea of the structure of letters and numbers right the way through to seasoned competition entrants for a high speed class far higher than my abilities to receive.

Essex CW Bootcamp 2022 ECWARC
Bootcamp >20wpm group

To help them all along a plentiful supply of Cakes and biscuits all prepared buy Team members XYL’s a huge shout out needs to go to them for their efforts especially Keith G3WGE wife Margaret who looked after the kitchen supplying all the cakes, teas and coffees to keep everyone fed and watered all day.

We will be looking at doing another Bootcamp In October next year, so if you are interested in coming along then please email to register your interest to

UK Morse Speed Championships for 2022

3rd Place Bronze

M0WDD David McArthur Achieved a speed of 25WPM

Essex CW Bronze  2022

2nd Place Silver

G8XEV Steve Tindale Achieved a speed of 27WPM

Essex CW Silver 2022

1st Place Gold

M0KTZ Enzo Nicosia achieved a speed of 44WPM

Essex CW Gold 2022

Very well done Enzo our 2022 Champion.